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Rental Houses You'll Love to Call "Home!"

Sorry, No Vacancies

Properties will be posted here anytime they become available.

Rental houses you'll love to live in!

Leasing a Property: How to Qualify

To qualify for the lease, your combined incomes should be, at minimum, 3X the monthly rent. Foreclosures and bankruptcies are considered, if you have excellent work histories, with employer and landlord references.

  • There is a $40 credit application fee to the TransUnion credit agency. This includes a nation-wide, criminal background check.

  • 1 yr lease minimum; Security deposit $1000.

  • Sorry, NO SMOKERS.

  • Discounts available for longer leases & prompt payment.

Please go to the Apply page for the forms and more information.

Sorry, No Rental Listings at This Time: We are at 100% occupancy.

Who is Decade Properties?

Decade Properties, LLC is a property management company, focusing on single-family rentals. Since 2011, we have taken care of investment properties and owner-rentals in GA and the southeast U.S.

We are great landlords,

and our houses are in great shape. If you pay on time and take care of your home, you will LOVE us. Our tenants typically stay for years!

Call 770.696.6341 for information. Please leave a message! Sorry, NO SMOKERS, not even outside.

“Decade Properties has been the best landlord I've ever had. Every time there has been a problem with the rental, it has been dealt with quickly and professionally. It has been a joy dealing with Decade Properties over the past several years."


​- Troy Simms, Lawrenceville, GA

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