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Apply to Lease A House

Potential Applicants

Rental Information and Forms

Decade Properties, LLC strives to be an excellent property manager, and we are eager to welcome you to our family of tenants! You can choose the Lease-to-Own Option, (available on select properties,) or a straight lease with a minimum length of 1 year.


To qualify for the lease, your combined income should be 3X the monthly rent. Foreclosures and bankruptcies are considered, if you have excellent work histories, with employer and landlord references.

  • 1 yr lease minimum; Security deposit varies by property, usually $1200-1500. 

  • Pets considered with additional deposit and cleaning fees (see the specific property for details)

  • There is a $50 application fee to the TransUnion credit agency..

  • Discounts available for longer leases & prompt payment.

  • Sorry, NO SMOKERS, inside or outside..

  • Transition into Lease-To-Own option after one year of on-time payments (select properties only.)

How to Lease - 3 Steps

Please read the documents below, starting with the Information Sheet below. Some of our incentives may be new to you, and the Information Sheet (below) goes into the details.

2. Application Forms & Credit/Background Checks

  • Print and complete this form to apply for the lease. Each adult tenant must complete a form, in full.

  • Bring the form AND the earnest money (one month's rent) to the property manager. If you are NOT  accepted, your check will be returned in full. If you ARE accepted, your Earnest Money will be used as the first month's rent. It is NOT refundable if you are accepted, so don't apply unless you want the house.

  • Anyone you list as a reference or employer will be contacted, so please include their phone numbers and let them know to expect a call.

  • We will email you a link to TransUnion for a credit and criminal background check. They charge $40 for this service, and your credit card number is never shared with us. Results are usually available to the property manager within a few hours.

3. The Lease

When we accept your rental application, here is what happens:

  • We meet to sign the lease.

  • We go through the property together and document the move-in condition with photos and written comments. As an example, if you see a dent in a closet door, we note it on the lease. That is your proof that we know you didn't cause the damage.

  • At the conclusion of the walk-through, you pay the security deposit and accept the keys.

  • Welcome!

Information Sheet
1. Information Sheet

The Information Sheet for a property lists the incentives available for signing a longer lease, as well as discounts for on-time payment.

It also describes the school districts and other information about the specific property. Hopefully you will find answers to all your questions here.


Important - All our homes are  NON-SMOKING properties, inside AND outside.

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